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Google Cloud virtual machines (VMs) powered by AMD EPYC™ processors help the world’s most innovative companies—from Fortune 500 enterprises to blockchain disruptors—turn their cloud into a competitive advantage. Explore how cost-efficient, powerful, and secure cloud computing will help your organization transform.


Enhance insights

Google Cloud VMs powered by AMD provide exceptional processing power and high-bandwidth memory to help businesses unlock data analytics, AI, and machine learning
at scale.

Unlock your data

Execute data analytics workloads at scale, eliminating the time and pricing constraints of legacy technology.

Reimagine how you make decisions

Streamline new deployments and simplify data management so businesses can take action on insights faster.

Redefine your operations

Foster a culture that prioritizes transformation, so you can become truly data driven.


reduction in costs

Customer data platform Lytics lowered costs by 13% with Google N2D instances powered by AMD.¹


Securely innovate in the cloud

Confidential Computing from the C2D and N2D machines series is revolutionizing the way financial services institutions do business, from the customer experience to back-end assessment and analysis—all with budget goals
in mind.

Groundbreaking security

Safeguard your sensitive information with industry-first AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV), which encrypts data even while it is in use.

Accelerate innovation

Unlock previously impossible computing scenarios now that secure collaboration in the cloud is possible with SEV.

React to market demands

Scale up as needed to conduct risk calculations and simulations—and scale back down when workloads decrease.

Up to


better processing performance and memory bandwidth for intensive workloads, comparing N1 vs. N2D1.²


Build better games

Transform your gaming infrastructure from the ground up with world-class cloud solutions designed for unmatched speeds, advanced data security, and continuous availability.

Protect business and consumer data

Confidential VMs provide industry-leading security through AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization, which protects sensitive data even while it is in use.

Cost-effective computing

Get the largest VMs available on the market, built on Google Cloud Compute Engine, with up to 224 vCPUs.

Support global gameplay

Deploy on a global cloud platform to get the speed, scalability, and processing capabilities required to
meet demand.


improved performance for workloads (i.e., STREAM Triad) over N2D (Rome), with ~6% lower cost than N2D standard-128.³


Elevate patient care

Tap into the power of Confidential Computing technology that safeguards sensitive patient data even while it’s in use, opening the door to new medical treatments and technology.

Advanced threat protection

Ensure the integrity of your operating system by building on the protections Shielded VMs offer against rootkits and bootkits.

Optimize performance

Deliver high performance for a wide variety of workloads, from your enterprise applications to performance-intensive analytics and real-time applications.

Develop new treatments faster

Confidential VMs offer memory encryption, so you can even isolate your workloads in the cloud.


better price-performance compared to N2Ds powered by 2nd Gen EPYC processors, with the same 13% lower cost over comparable N-series VMs.⁴


Boost production quality and output

Combine the seamless performance of Google Cloud with the robust processing capacity of AMD to equip the next generation of manufacturers with new approaches to product design, development, and distribution.

Support virtual workforces

Equip factories and remote experts with the compute power and agility to share information, gain insights, and execute demanding workloads.

Leverage IoT, AI, and ML

Get the processing power and memory bandwidth needed to process and analyze real-time data and insights from sensors, equipment, and devices on a global scale.

Secure data in remote locations

Protect your data across the manufacturing lifecycle—including when it is at rest, in transit, and in use—with AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization.

Up to


higher platform memory bandwidth on industry-standard benchmarks compared to existing comparable VMs.⁵


Ramp up media production

Modernize with the world-class cloud infrastructure to boost productivity for your remote users and ease data management challenges while protecting your data.

Support remote collaboration

Accelerate data-heavy, compute-intensive workloads and empower teams of remote directors, artists, and editors to efficiently collaborate from any location.

Tackle complex workloads

Increase your compute power and memory bandwidth to accelerate rendering, pre/post-production, video processing, and other intensive tasks.

Protect intellectual property

Operate with confidence, knowing your content is secure with AMD Secure Encrypted Virtualization for advanced data security, which encrypts data even while it is in use.


reduction in time spent in transcoding pipelines. N2D VMs helped Vimeo reduce time spent in their transcoding pipeline by 20%.⁶


Fuel superior shopping experiences

Google Cloud VMs powered by AMD help you harness the agility and flexibility of the cloud to provide a reliable shopping experience across multiple channels, as well as the power of cloud analytics to unlock key business insights.

Realize the full power of retail intelligence

Get the extreme speed, flexibility, and security to utilize AI and machine learning applications to gain actionable insights.

Create omnichannel experiences

Build a flexible architecture that facilitates anticipating trends and providing a seamless shopping experience across buying platforms.

Drive operational improvements

Build a flexible architecture that facilitates seamless collaboration, redefining how you work today and
innovate tomorrow.


of the top 10

retail and consumer packaged goods companies trust Google Cloud to help them evolve into the future.⁷

¹ Lytics takes targeted marketing to new levels with Google N2D instances powered by AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc, case study, 2021.

² N2D VMs with latest AMD EPYC CPUs enable on average over 30% better price-performance in beta, February 2020.
(N2D-standard-32 performed 39% better than N1-standard-32 when evaluated using Coremark.)

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