Google Cloud machine families powered
by AMD

Google Cloud and AMD EPYC™ processors help turn your cloud into a competitive advantage with world-record performance, exceptional cost efficiency, and breakthrough security features. Use the flow chart below to see which VM type will bring the best benefit to your workloads.

General purpose Arrow Workload optimized
Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow Arrow
Cost optimized Balanced Scale-out optimized Compute optimized Confidential VMs
Cost savings a priority Flexible and balanced between customization, performance, and TCO Best perf/$ for scale-out workloads Highest performance CPUs End-to-end encrypted VMs

Efficient (E2)
Web serving
Steady-state LOB apps
Dev & test environments

Balanced (N2D)
Enterprise apps
Medium databases
Web & app serving

Scale-out workloads Media transcode
Image processing

Scientific modeling
AAA gaming

(N2D, C2D)
Regional compliance
Vertical requirements